We settle for nothing short of the best.

“Take It To The Max” is our tagline but it really sums up what Maximum is all about.

Partnership with our clients is based on a three-pronged approach:

The Max Difference

Other wholesalers say their goal is to meet your expectations.


At Max, we already know we are going to do that. Our starting point is simply different. We can’t help it – our innate ability to drive results and remain agile puts us at a different level. We go beyond what others consider a job well done. We draw on the full capability of our team and vast industry relationships to maneuver around challenges.


To us, it’s not just about the deal. We take pride on how we get the transaction done – the communication, follow-through and delivery. We operate under a strict code of service standards to make sure you know the status of your submission and receive an accurate policy in a timely manner. At Max, the difference is that we will do it right.

As one of the original founders of Maximum, Joe Messina’s unwavering commitment to client relationships and delivering results is at the core of how Maximum does business. He focuses on what he does best through leading by example and heading up Maximum’s Property practice with years of experience within the sector. When he gets the chance to unplug, Joe stays active running, cycling, swimming or keeping up with the three young adults he calls kids.
President & CEO

Joe Messina

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Having been at Maximum since day one, Anthony Verrecchia can take any challenge and turn it into a building block for greater success. As someone with a confident big-picture mindset and extensive knowledge of the transportation sector, Anthony leads Maximum’s Transportation practice and challenges the team to continuously learn more and do more for their clients. Outside of work, he’s actively following Chicago sports and is probably still celebrating the Cubs winning the World Series.
Managing Director

Anthony Verrecchia

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With many years in the finance business under his belt, Tom Hagan’s role as CFO developed around his strengths and experience. He is proof that successful outcomes can be achieved through a confident and thoughtful approach and that it doesn’t hurt to add a little humor to the mix. When he’s not working, Tom seeks out new places to travel, good wines and great food to explore, and classic comedies to enjoy.
Chief Financial Officer

Tom Hagan

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Having joined Maximum in its infancy while she too was new to the workforce, Rachel Pignotti quickly became a vital member of the Maximum family and gained expertise as a Property broker. Rachel has since shifted into an internal role putting her experience to use improving systems and procedures to better serve the company. Rachel devotes her free time to activities with her husband and two children, and can be found soaking up every last ray of sun in the pool before Chicago winter sets in.
Director of Operations

Rachel Pignotti

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