Online Quoting

Online Quoting

At Maximum, we understand that timeliness and efficiency are of utmost importance in serving your clients.

As we place more focus on technology with our carrier partners, we plan to provide you with more options to quote online.

While we are always here to help with your submissions, allowing you to sit in the driver’s seat with our Online Quoting tools certainly assists to streamline the quoting process..

To determine eligibility, please review the QUALIFYING CONDITIONS prior to submitting the below application. Our target turnaround time for quotes is 48 hours

Agency Information

*Your Name:
*Agency, City:
Your Broker at Maximum:

Insured Information

*Named Insured:
*Policy Term:
*Mailing Address:
*Business Activities:

(Enter gross revenue for the last fully completed financial year [or your good faith estimate of this year's gross revenues if insured is a start-up] not to exceed $100,000,000.)

Please answer "Yes" (being true) or "No" (being false) to the following statements:

1) Insured does not have revenue-generating, permanent physical operations located outside of the USA. YesNo

2) Insured transacts no more than 1,000,000 payment card transactions annually. YesNo

3) Insured stores, at any one time, no more than 1,000,000 records containing Personally Identifiable Information. YesNo

4) All laptops and tablet computers are encrypted. YesNo (If you answered "Yes" skip to item #6.)

5) If you answered "No" in the previous item, are any laptops and tablet computers storing Personally Identifiable Information*? YesNo

6) Insured has either confirmed it is compliant with or confirmed it is not subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI/DSS). YesNo

7) Insured is not aware of any matter that is reasonably likely to give rise to any First Party Loss* or Claim*, nor has the insured suffered any First Party Loss*, nor has any Claim* been made against the insured in the last five years. YesNo

8) No regulatory, governmental, or administrative action has been brought against the insured, nor any investigation or information request, concerning any handling of Personally Identifiable Information. YesNo

Additional Comments:
By checking this box, I confirm that I am a retail insurance agent and that I have read the Privacy and Data Breach Application Conditions*. I understand that a signed application is required prior to binding.

Maximum is excited to offer phone and online quoting through United States Liability Insurance Group!

USLI specializes in underwriting low premium, low hazard specialty products. Whether it’s Professional, Commercial, Property, Liability, or Personal Lines we’re able to provide you a quote within moments!

Call 800.731.5391 to speak with one of 45 experienced underwriters and receive your free quote and completed application in a matter of minutes.

Mon-Fri: 7 am – 8 pm EST
Sat: 9 am – 1 pm EST
Web chat available 24/7

  • Average quote turn-around: 5 minutes
  • Free to call
  • 200+ classes of business available

Most classes are eligible for online quoting as well. Follow the link for a specific class below to complete an application for a free quote within hours